Who is the Generation Z? Any person under 20 years old in 2017. Those born into Generation Z have a very different view of work from Generation Y according to a recent Accenture Strategy survey of 2015-17 college graduates, published in the report Gen Z Rising.

Gen Z wants opportunities for career advancement, training and access to digital learning. Members of Generation Z are willing to commit to employers more than their Gen Y cohort.  According to the survey, Generation Z’s are more willing to stay with employers for at least 3-5 years or more.  Moreover, the survey stated that 75% of Generation Z are willing to relocate for a good position.  The result of the survey, Gen Z wants to work for a larger company because they can provide a strong career path with mentoring, training, benefits and good compensation.  Forty-two percent of Gen Z values the “human touch” such as in-person meetings. 

Employers should create a staffing and project model that provides young employees with experiences in different areas of the company. Working with each employee to develop a customized skills-and-career plan.  Assign coaches to new employees. Generation Z wants to make a difference and are willing to work after work hours as long as they know how their work is contributing to the purpose of the company.

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