Every organization relies on good teams. Effective teamwork in the workplace helps drive company success. Here are the top eight qualities that make an outstanding team player:

  1. Selfless and Humble
    Selfless and humble teammates puts the team and organization goals above their own.  Furthermore, they do not talk about how great they are rather they discuss what the team has accomplished together.
  2. High Expectations
    Teammates who challenge themselves and others to improve sets ambitious goals and help achieve them.
  3. Sincere and Respect
    These individuals are honest and care about others. Moreover, these teammates believe everyone has something to contribute regardless of position and status.  They also make other teammates feel good about their contribution.
  4. Innovative
    Innovation allows teams to try new ideas and take chances.  These teammates take risks which results in big breakthroughs.
  5. Hard Work and Self Motivated
    These teammates understand how to contribute, take pride in their work, and enjoy the satisfaction of doing it well.  They also inspire those around them with their effort and dedication.
  6. Optimistic
    Teammates with optimism don’t complain and encourages others to see the opportunities in all things.  They also helps others to remain positive and not complain.  
  7. Collaborator and Passionate
    These teammates contribute their talents and experience to a group effort. They bring excitement to their work and it shows!
  8. Lead by Example
    Great teammates want to distinguish themselves every day. 

Re: Oswald, D. (October 16, 2017) 13 Characteristic of a Great Teammate.  HR Hero Blogs