Dr. Di Ann Sanchez Is Available for Half-Day and Full-Day Workshops, in Addition to 2- To 5-Day Workshop Intensives.

Di Ann has conducted dozens of workshops in the continental US, Hawaii, and Latin America. She is both certified and experienced in providing the following training and workshops:

Understanding Communication Styles

  • What are the communication styles?

  • Assess your company employees’ styles

  • Understanding your communication style

  • Understanding your co-workers and boss style

  • What are the keys to successful communication?

Managing Multi-Generational Employees

  • Who are the generations in the workplace?

  • What are employers’ 21st century considerations?

  • Generational values, needs, and expectations

  • Implications of a multi-generational workplace

  • Expectations of employers by generation

How to Attract, Retain, and Engage the Hispanic Workforce

  • Hispanization of America

  • 2010 Census Says – What does that mean for my business?

  • Latino values, needs, and expectations

  • Expectations of employers overcoming communication barriers

How to Conduct a Workplace Investigation

  • What is the first thing to do when an employee complains to your company?

  • What exactly do I have to investigate?

  • What actions should I take as the employer?

  • What are the questions I should ask the accuser and the accused?

  • Practical tips for conducting a workplace investigation

  • Learn how to create documentation that will hold up in court!

EEO for Managers

  • What are all the laws that my company has to comply with?

  • As a manager what laws do I need to comply with?

  • What federal and state agencies audit my company?

  • What steps do I need to take to protect myself and my company?

  • How do I conduct an investigation?

Human Resources Essentials

(This class is for both HR Professionals and Business Managers)

  • What is Human Resources?

  • What does HR do in a company?

  • Every manager is an HR manager too

  • What can I do to help my company succeed through our people?

  • Expectations of employees and employers

Performance Management

  • What is performance management?

  • How do I get my employees to perform better?

  • Techniques to increase employee productivity

  • What do my employees expect from the company?

  • How to measure performance

Creating A Respectful Workplace

  • Understanding unconscious bias
  • Demonstration of our biases
  • How unconscious bias affects our behavior
  • Breaking free of biases
  • Become more aware of unconscious bias and minimize the impact on the workplace
  • Brainstorm strategies for applying diversity awareness, understanding, and skills

Strengthen Your Business Through Using Your Strengths

  • The 4 strategies for leveraging strengths

  • The 4 strategies to minimize your weaknesses

  • How to spot the 4 signs of strengths in you and others

  • How to explode destructive myths that prevent you from playing to your strengths

  • How to build and maximize your teams—peer teams, direct reports, and management teams

Time Management

  • What takes time away from what’s important?

  • The 7 Time Traps

  • The Organization Trap

  • How do I say no?

  • Manage your daily schedule

What is Sexual Harassment

  • What constitutes unlawful sexual harassment?

  • Can you identify sexual harassment?

  • How do I protect myself and my company?

  • What do I do if it happens to me?

Strategic Planning

  • SWOT – What is it and why do we need it?

  • Set your company’s vision, mission and values

  • Set your company’s 3-year plan

  • What are your company’s annual goals and objectives?

  • How do we measure? The Scorecard!

Conflict Resolution Skills

  • What is conflict?

  • Conflict types

  • Communication types

  • Conflict management Strategies

  • Conflict management steps

  • EEO for managers